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Welcome to the School Book Shop where you can buy new school books and second hand secondary school books and textbooks online.

At the School Book Shop you can search our online school book database for new and used textbooks by: keyword, subject and year level.

At the School Book Shop, if a school book is available second hand it will appear above the new textbook.

At the School Book Shop, stock levels of our online second hand text books can change daily. We get used school books coming in every day.

If a schoolbook is available used, it will appear with a price. If none are available secondhand, the notation "Secondhand N/A" will be displayed.

If a second hand book is in stock, we recommend you buy it immediately, before someone else does. School Book Shop used text books are in high demand online.

We cannot hold or reserve our online second hand schoolbooks.

If a used textbook was originally sold new with a digital code, we ensure that all our used books have the original code inside the cover. Some publishers require payment to reactivate digital access. Details are inside front covers. We have reduced the price of our second Hand books to reflect the cost of reactivation

All our secondhand textbooks are quality textbooks. Damaged textbooks dont make it past our quality control and dont make it to our online textbook shop.

This year we have added calculators to the School Book Shop inventory

We stock a range of scientific and CAS calculators including Texas Ti-Nspire and Casio Classpad at discounted prices.


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Dear customers

The School Book season is  now in slowing down and publishers are gearing up for next year.

At this stage publishers report only minor delays in the printing of books overseas due to COVID 19 delays.  Hopefully no more major hold ups will emerge.

Australia Post is experiencing some delays with deliveries, but at this stage no major blowout in delivery times, but some delays are to be expected.

A recent addition to our online store is the range of Texas calculators.

Both the Texas TI-Nspire CX CAS calculator and Texas Ti-30XWB Scientific calculator are now stocked as well as CASIO models.