About Us

We are a specialist school text book supplier specialising in the Australian Secondary School books.   We have been selling used text books to the public for over 25 years.

During that time we have sold hundreds of thousands of second hand school books and new school books .

We sell only good quality second hand school books. If the books were originally sold with a CD/DVD, we sell our books with CD/DVDs

If books were originally sold with an ebook or similar internet code, we sell our second hand books with the ebook or similar internet code. Some publishers are now charging for reactivation of ebook access codes, but if this is the case,the cost of reactivation will be reflected in the low sell price of the used book

Our Staff

Our expert Second Hand school book buyer. She knows a good second hand book when she sees one. Having put two children through secondary school and with her third still at school, she knows the cost saving that can be made by buying secondhand and discounted new books.
An Online expert who liaises with customers and dispatches School Book Shop orders.
The Schoolbookshop co-ordinator. Deb ensures that we have the current and correct school book editions listed online. Sometimes editions are not noted on booklists. Deb ensures they are noted for all textbooks at the School Book Shop.